Luc Van Locks

Lock is a physical facility as security of the closure opened.

The lock contains a locking means allowing only authorized people to open it!

To save your money we found for you the product solution that provides high security locking.

Luc van company manufactures locks since 1959 with high quality and unbeatable.
Luc Van locks are suitable for a wide range of industries. They meet the requirements of hard physical security and control systems combined with strict key.

Social and not compromise on less than the best and therefore will ensure the security of your money through the locks and keys Anne Luke, we adapt them to specific needs and wiped everything with service and Tmmich.

A common question:

I have used lock. I can get another key?
Answer: Probably not. The lock is acquired and code we have on file belongs to another entity. You will need specific approval from the user on file for the release of this code.

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